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Hello, folks!

Welcome to Minty Utopains, which is a personal scanlation page! All scanlating projects here will be scanlated into Korean, not English!(so be aware!) I'm not anyone who's a professional translator so please be note that before you start to read.(I'm perfect for neither Korean nor Japanese)

If you have any questions, pm me or send email to ilgenis65[at]

Well, from now on, Korean time!

안녕하세요, 루아입니다.
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 궁금하신 점이 있으시다면 쪽지를 보내주시던가 ilgenis65[at]gmail.com으로 메일 보내주시기 바랍니다.

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Will be printing out doujinshi!

Yes, I mean... seriously.
Though it's a novel type, I'll be actually releasing a doujinshi for the first time of my life.
Currently thinking about doing 1, but if I get lucky, I'll try writing another one :3
Which fandom?

1. Kuroko no Basuke; Kiseki+Momoi -> Kuroko; Short Story Collection
2. Fate/Zero; Gilgamesh x Saber; Mesopotamian Era story(R-18)

Yes, I'll be dead by the time I finish this lol
So, unfortunately, everything is going to be in Korean so I don't think anybody will be interested, but I just wanted to write out.
Though F/Z is still undecided, Kuroko will be released 100% since now I can't back out after a friend of mine is searching for someone who can draw the cover for me.

Work Work Work

Yes, I'm having a busy life.
Right now I'm at work doing internship, which technically does nothing except for translation. And since there's no actual work to do atm, I'm really bored. lol But then it's not like I can do whatever I want to do. So I'll say I'm busy lol

About Sweet Utopians
I barely go on comp when I'm at home, so I can't check people's journals and accept you guys! But I'll try to do it around this weekend so sorry for those who's been waiting for like ages! HOWEVER! Please do not keep sending request several times. Do only once. I have been getting several requests from the same user and it's getting quite annoying. Sorry that I'm not accepting you fast enough but then I have my own life which is quite busy.

Oh yeah, I got my paycheck last week! Whoot! I'm really happy since I haven't seen my Korean bank account with such money :3(Not like I made it long time ago lol) Guess now I have enough money to send when I go to HongDae with rosa_raine this weekend and SCW, which is gonna be held July 21/22.(Going both days!) I'm also going to Fate Only Event on Sunday the same day as SCW :3 Yay XD Already preordered one Kise x Kuro by Mokupi, Kuroko All Character doujinshi and Berserker Group doujinshi :D Can't wait to go and get some Fate stuffs XD

Also got my Pokemon White 2! The same day when I got my paycheck!(That day was like me in heaven lol) I haven't really played much since I haven't had much time to play with, but then I'm done getting my second badge :3 All the old pokemons from Gen1~3 shows up from the beginning of the game so it's just like omgomgomgomg! Ahhhhhhhhhhh I wish N shows up!

Just so people know. The only way to contact me while I'm at work is through MSN/Facebook/Skype. I believe people who talk to me already knows my username so I won't be writing them down here :3

Emiya Kiritsugu Image Song: Shangri-La(angela)

So right now I've been reading the Korean trans for Fate/Zero while going back and forth to work and just finished up to Kiritsugu's past in vol.4. And at the end of it this song from Fafner, an anime back from 2004, was written. Since the one that I'm reading is a txt file for downloads I'm not really sure if it was actually written on the book itself, but considering that the English trans ver didn't have it, I guess the person who did the Korean trans just added it.(I can't really check since my actual Japanese copy for the book is in the US)

I used to love this song, not to mention the anime was quite nice too, so I was really surprised to see this, and thinking that this song really does fit what kind of person Emiya Kiritsugu is. 

Here's the lyrics in English in case anybody is interested.

It's all right if it's foolish
Traces of the dream we look out over... Goodbye,
Days of my youth

Entrusting my body to the current, someday I'll become an adult
Will I become dirty, little by little?

Only the mature fruits are chosen
And cut with a knife before being gulped down

We aimed for Shangri-La- without suppressing our desire,
Covered in daydreams, we kept searching for "freedom"
Now we can say it- this is paradise
Goodbye, days of my youth

We wanted to grab the highest apple
Even if we had to stand on our precious things to reach it

We only notice what's important to us when we lose it
We who are very young are always missing the target

Suppressing happy days makes me feel unstable
Although I'm wounded, I want to fly away
It's all right if it's foolish, the traces of the dream I look out over
Goodbye, days of my youth

The shining sky was dressed in innocence
But it knew everything...

We aimed for Shangri-La- without suppressing our desire,
Covered in daydreams, we kept searching for "freedom"
I'll surely leave the distance behind, knowing my own size
With my inexperienced heart not knowing even that
Now I can say it- this is paradise
Goodbye, days of my youth

Now this really makes me want to rewatch Fafner.(Which I was already having the thought before already lol)

Gonna get busy

Looks like I'm going to get busy during this summer as I'll be working for internship. I wish I have done translating doujinshis, but seeks like I don't really have much time for it now.. So before I leave, I'll just level up the doujinshis and post them up and try translating while I get spare times.

Off for vacation!!!

I mean family trip. I'm already off for vacation right now and in Korea lol Well, I'll be heading off for a family trip to 지리산 and 해운대 for next 5 days! Whooot! My legs are gonna get die out from hiking mountain. Though they are already dead from running/walking with heels last Saturday. I'm sure by the time I get back home, my whole body will ache and I'll be dead for the next few days lol

Luckily I was able to finish writing the next chapter for my fanfiction, or else people would have to wait till next week. (After all, I was gone for a month because my real life was just so busy.) Had to wake up early today to finish up whatever was left and check my grammars before I could post it up. 

Currently downloading 런닝맨&개그콘서트 that I missed yesterday :3 And also Kuroko's Basket. Was gonna wait till it ends, but watching episode 5 or 6 on TV was great so I decided to watch it! I'm taking my netbook so I'm sure I'll have time to watch them. Or at least 적도의 남자.

Finally Arrived!

My package from Japan has finally arrived! OMG I'm so happy. I was getting worried if it was going to arrive next week when I'm not here to get it :P The doujinshis are mainly from Fate series and 3 are from Inazuma Eleven&Vanguard.

These are focused on either 3 Knights or all characters. 2 of which are Lancer x Saber and one Gilgamesh x Saber. 
I just can't stop loving these 3 servants XD The Lancer x Saber doujinshi on the top right is really cute with they are actually dating! Ahhh Saber's cuteness is a crime!

2 All character gag, 1 Fate/Prototype, 1 Rider x Waver, 1 Berserker x Kariya and All character Illustration book.
The BerserKari is a long R-18. Story was quite nice but out of the, I'll say Rider x Waver book was the best from this stack.
16 billions... Ahh... This one was actually pre-ordered through Toranoana like 3 weeks before the event started. And I don't regret doing that XD Love the drawings!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Final stack is 3 Kirei x Kiritsugu(all R-18), 2 InaGO, and 1 Kai x Aichi(R-18).
Out of this, my favorite is the one with Tenma and Neko Tsurugi&Kariya. Way too cute!! XD Neko Taiyou comes out in this one as well and he's soooo adorable!!

Finally, not doujinshis, but keychains! These were made by 007. I wish I was able to get Lancer as well, but he was sold out by the time I ordered :(

More scans done :3

I really should be cleaning my house, but I'm sitting down and scanning some more doujinshis lol
So here are the doujinshis that are done scanning :3

Of course I am still planning on scanning Parallel Circuit-Shine&Dark-. I was actually planning to scan few days ago, but then I finally got my Japanese 3DS so I was busy playing Inazuma Eleven GO-Dark-. Now I just need to play against Shu's team, Ancient Dark.. They're level is just too high for me right now.. Need to lvl up 10 lvls before I can battle his team fairly. But I'm happy that I got Endo and Gouenji into my team ^o^ Others are too hard to bring in...

I wish I can scan more Fate doujinshis but my stack from the latest Fate Only Event isn't going to arrive until either tomorrow or Saturday which I'll be really busy packing up for my vacation.

The followings are my hopes to scan before I leave. It's unknown if I will be able to, or even post it up on the community. Nobody knows what I'll be doing while I'm out for vacation.(At least I'll be leaving for a family trip for a week)

Of course the list might change if I happen to get the doujinshis that are on their way tomorrow. 

I also have to work with translating Rakuen Meikyuu and BokuDoor as well... Ahhhhh So many things to do! And apart from that, I also need to continue writing my fanfic for Fate/Zero...

Well, now I should get going and clean my house!

Things done scanning/will scan soon

Luckily my lectures were cancelled on Thursday, so I've scanned few doujinshis that day :3 (Including 70pg long doujinshi.)
Here are the doujinshis that are done scanning and is just waiting to be leveled before they are posted.

Others are fairly short, but Choice-route A- and Overflow were one of a hell to scan. Each are 48pgs and 74pgs... My wrist was about to break from putting up and down my heavy textbooks... TT^TT now it's gonna be a pain leveling them as well... All of these are planned to be released after mid-May when I leave for vacation.

Only the covers are scanned for the following doujinshis, but they are around 90% sure to be scanned.

I am planning on scanning more if I have time before I leave. There are definitely more doujinshis that are to arrive at my house, but before I talk about them... I have to do something with my funds since I'm completely broke right now. I even owe one of my helpers by A LOT. Thankfully she was nice enough to say that she'll ship the package and I can send the rest that I owe later.